Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Some crap for you guys

A very rough character design I started painting a couple of days ago

A finished painting from last week or so
A quick piece done for the "word of the week" weekly art challenge over on me and my friend's sketch community on LJ Still looking for new members! The word was simulation. 
character design, practicing my inking and a new style! (don't mind the hands)
sketch I started to paint recently, another character, design is not final

Some anatomy stuff (basically just copied out of an anatomy book)
character sketches~

More to come!

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  1. Nezmaaaa!! I never knew you had a Blogspot, too! Of course I'd remember you. o_O

    Holy hell man. The rate of how much you improved in such a short time is very frightening. If you're planning on coming to Sheridan, you're probably going to kick all of our butts. :(

    I do think that you're going on the right direction in your art, though. It's very, very hard to train yourself in seeing the shapes and form that underlay the structure that you're painting or drawing. Right now I'm only starting to realize that I've been blind for endless years, but my forms and structure aren't subtle enough to create a convincing painting or drawing yet. You do have superb technical abilities, so don't blame it on that because that's an entirely different category. You just need to remove the dirt from your eyes to see things like silhouettes, gestures, and structure more clearly and use them for your own benefit. After that's established, you can concentrate on the texture and lights/darks.

    Mannn I do hope to see you here next year!! Don't worry so much about moving, this town's pretty receptive towards new people!! D:

    I... I actually haven't been doing much, productivity-wise. I need to start committing myself not only to studying art, but to apply it in personal art and projects. However the clear lack of time is making me grind my teeth. OTL I really miss out on studying by my own; the pace is more comfortable, you learn slower but it's not too quick that you forget about it a month later.

    lol you're the one who's amaaaaazingggggg sillyyyyyy